How do I choose the best residential property manager?



People often ask me, "how  do I choose the best residential property manager?"

By choosing the right property manager, it IS possible to live your life the way you’d like to, without the stress and financial problems that come from managing a property badly.

If you want to be able to relax and know your property manager will always work in your best interest, with the best knowledge available, then you need the best property manager.

Long term reputation and referrals from happy customers is the best way to find the best property manager.  This is because most property managers will say they do the same things, but you can’t tell up front if they will.

Quinovic has been in business for nearly 25 years and have a proven track record.   Our Johnsonville office clients were recently randomly surveyed (The Loyalty Zone, Sept 2011) and 78% would never consider using another property manager, and actively refer us to others.

If you find a property manager with this sort of reputation, you’re much more likely to have a stress free experience.

So, how can you find out about the long term reputation and how happy the clients are? 

There are some key things you can ask which will help to indicate this.  Do they research their clients?  Do they specialise in property management, or is this a sideline to another business, like selling real estate, or charging one off letting fees?  How long have they been in business? Can financial information be accessed on-line? How quickly do they pay out the rent to you?  How well resourced are they – do they have an office, a good phone system, modern technology and enough staff to be able to respond quickly to you and your tenants? 

In our experience many clients come to us after bad experiences with other property managers.  The most common complaints are appallingly slow response times, failure to manage maintenance effectively, acting without consent and allowing a property to remain vacant for weeks on end without any apparent action and no communication.  All these things can lead to major financial losses.

Quinovic Johnsonville has grown to be the most successful property management service in Wellingtons Northern Suburbs and is a multiple award winning franchise.

Our success comes from the systems we use, the experience we have and our commitment to applying those systems to give our customers the best returns on their property investments.

If you want to live your life the way you'd like to, we'd love to talk to you about managing your property for you.

See you soon,


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