How do I find the best tenants for my rental property?



People often ask me, how do I find the best tenants?

If you want less stress, minimal wear & tear, lower maintenance costs, and good steady cash flow, then you need the best tenants.

The simplest way to get the best tenants is to avoid bad tenants, and keep good tenants for a very long time.

My experience is that you need to be highly professional and thorough. And you need to be SEEN to be highly professional and thorough.

Bad tenants avoid us because they know they will never get in.

And we attract good tenants because they know the quality of the properties we rent is very high and they will receive excellent service from us.

So what do you need to do to be seen to be highly professional and thorough?

You need a complete set of property management systems, and to follow them religiously.

And you need to treat management of your property like a business, and remove any emotion from your decisions.

You must check your potential tenants thoroughly during the application process. Complete information and ID should be collected to ensure you can act if there are problems later on. Speak personally to previous landlords, and always do extra character and credit checks. Use a thorough checklist to ensure any special conditions are clearly covered in the tenancy agreement.
Do 3 monthly inspections.
And follow up any maintenance issues immediately.

Do it yourself property managers often find out the hard way how important it is to take care of these things.
They rent to bad tenants or don't do inspections regularly enough and then discover their property has sustained significant damage.
They may have to replace carpets and curtains, repair holes and damage in walls and fittings or even repaint the entire interior.
They may spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on repairs and also lose rent income for weeks while the repairs take place.
By taking care of the important details you significantly reduce or eliminate these risks and ensure your property investment continues to give good returns.

Quinovic Johnsonville has grown to be the most successful property management service in Wellingtons Northern Suburbs and is a multiple award winning franchise.

Our success comes from the systems we use, the experience we have and our commitment to applying those systems to give our customers the best returns on their property investments.

If you want to live your life the way you'd like to, we'd love to talk to you about managing your property for you.

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